• Prequisite aws account,basic knowledge of how kubernates work,basics of aws.
  • So first of all create IAM role on aws with admin access and configure aws cli. We are going to launch all the things using aws cli. We can launch with the help of gui also. But gui is not accesible all the time so its good to practice from cli.
  • Once IAM is created and aws cli is configured download the kubectl using this link ( and eksctl( Once this is downloaded make sure to add them into the enviroment variable so that it can be accesed from anywhere.Once its done we are all set to launch our own Kubernates cluster.
  • First clone this repo files and open cluster.yaml file and there you can change things according to your need such as cluster name and there os, one term called node group in which we have to give information of type of node we want. Here I have used t2.micro beacause they are free. Remember that eks is not a free service. We have to pay something. Check pricing before doing anything once the cluster file is ready save it and close it.
  • Here we can also use Helm to install helm run following cmnd:-
  • (“helm repo add stable
  • helm repo list
  • helm repo update)
  • Once this is done we have to set tiller. To set tiller run the followoing cmnd :- -(“kubectl -n kube-system create serviceaccount tiller
  • kubectl create cluster rolebinding tiller — clusterrole cluster-admin — serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
  • helm init — service-account tiller
  • For grafana run following command (“kubectl create namespace grafana




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