In this blog we are going to see how to use a stream builder, what is a stream builder and how to implement it. This blog will is the continuation of the last blog I wrote on flutter Linux in which we run Linux command and get output from firebase. But in that what if we have a large team all run command and you are an administrator you have to keep an eye on the system what command users are running. So here, Stream builder come in play. I request if you have not seen that blog please go…

This blog is all about what is firebase and how can we save data inside it and how to get an output from it.

In this article, we are going to see an app that can run a command on the Linux terminal and for that, we use CGI-bin(Common gateway interface). It’s like there is someone in your Operating System who is waiting as soon as you send command it will run particular command. CGI-bin can be written in any language. It is called as server-side language. …

This article is all about how to deploy WordPress website on Kubernetes using database of AWS RDS.

Let’s start with the process of deployment. Here I am assuming you have set k8s in your system. I am using Kubernetes on minikube. One can use aws eks also as discussed in the previous article.

First, let’s start with deploying the WordPress on Kubernetes using terraform. Here I am using a minikube cluster.

Step1: start minikube cluster


When we are using stack-overflow if we need to search for an answer we will ask a question in the search box. If we type the question, it will give some related questions.Our problem statement is similar to this only.

Given a question can we find a similar questions in a repository of questions and answers that we have.

The main objective is to get the searched similar kind-off questions within a small amount of time. Basically the search engines work in such a way that they will give us the results within less than 500 milli second. Ordering of…

Hi guys Today we will see how Eks work and how we can launch our own kubernates cluster in just a few clicks on aws.

  • Prequisite aws account,basic knowledge of how kubernates work,basics of aws.
  • So first of all create IAM role on aws with admin access and configure aws cli. We are going to launch all the things using aws cli. We can launch with the help of gui also. But gui is not accesible all the time so its good to practice from cli.
  • Once IAM is created and aws cli is configured download the kubectl using this…


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